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Individual Therapy has been proven highly effective in stabilizing one's emotions, feelings, and thoughts. In individual therapy, we are able to build a powerful therapeutic relationship that helps to explore life patterns that may be affecting your ability to live the life you desire. Individual therapy allows you to take your time and express yourself in a safe and comfortable environment without fear of being judged. Individual therapy is for all age groups including children, adolescents, and adults. 

You may benefit from Individual therapy if:

  • You struggle with past life events that impact you in your daily life

  • Single parent with limited resources and support

  • Parent that struggles to deal with Child's negative behaviors

  • Experience a lack of motivation to reach chosen goals

  • Struggle with unwanted thoughts/fears that prevent you from being more social

  • Struggle with overcoming unexpected changes in life (job, relationships, death/grief, etc.)

  • Experience lack of control over mood

  • Deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, mood swings

Being in a committed relationship can sometimes become difficult to maintain. There are several life events that can change the dynamic of your relationship such as financial strain, infidelity, different parenting styles, or imbalance of feelings and emotions. However, when times get tough in your relationship, it doesn't mean you have to give up or immediate feel the need to remove yourself from the relationship. You can choose to fight for you relationship and learn how to get back to a place of love, support, encouragement, and security. Don't fall into negative thinking patterns about one another or dwell on the current situation of your relationship, instead find a way to reconnect and pull together so you avoid falling apart. 

Couples counseling may benefit your relationship if you or your partner experience similar situations below:

  • Communication has become negative or non-existant

  • You or your partner consider an affair or have had an affair

  • If you feel more like roommates; or that you just co-exist under one roof

  • Unable to problem solve issues without escalating

  • One or both partners act out negatively (anger, substance use, etc)

  • You feel the only resolution is to separate/divorce

  • You only stay together for the sake of the children 

Family Counseling is designed to improve communication and to solve conflict that impacts the family unit and overall functioning. Family counseling can include all family members or just those willing to participate. Family therapy can help deepen the connections and help you get through troubled times even after your counseling ends. Family counseling can help with troubled relationships with your partner, children, or other family members. 

Some reasons to seek Family counseling are:

  • Marital probelms

  • Financial Problems

  • Co-parenting in separate households

  • Coping with loss of family member

  • Coping with family member with mental health/substance use

  • Different parenting styles 

  • Parental divorce/separation

  • Adjusting to new family member (birth of sibling, re-marriage, grandparent moving in, etc.)

  • Major changes such as relocating, natural disasters, family incarceration, etc.  

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